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Centurion Vault Door


Used For: Cash, valuables
Burglary Protection: Grade V – VIII (EX) and
                                        Grade IX – XII (EX) (CD) EN 1143-1

Centurion is a series of lightweight modular panels and high security doors for vault room construction. Both panels and doors are available with eight different security levels, all of which with explosives resistance. The highest levels also offer additional protection against diamond crown drill bits.
The exterior of the vault can be finished with plaster or clad with wood or metal panels. The vault door can be fitted with a grille gate providing added security for the main door.

Key Features
• Every grade of Centurion vault door has been independently tested by ECB•S and awarded the EN 1143-1 certification for burglary resistance.
• Thedoors aredesignedforintegrationwithCenturion vault room panels and constructed to the same standards.
• The vault doors have undergone additional testing for resistance to explosives and grades IX-XII also resist attack from diamond core drill bits.
• The door frame is armoured to provide extra protection.
• Locking options include one key lock and combination lock as standard and a high-security electronic lock as an option.
• Centurion vault doors can befittedwith a grille gate providing added security for the main door. The grille gate is accessed via a high-security lock and can be
opened manually or automatically.
• The door is designed to accommodate an alarm system.

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