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Exterior Sign Systems

From Compass, a traditional post and panel system, to Illumina, a sophisticated, high-performance, illuminated system, Modulex offers a diverse range of exterior signs.
Many Modulex sign systems cover both exterior and interior environments, providing design continuity and the opportunity to achieve a consistent application of the corporate identity throughout the facility. This feature is complemented by our capacity to provide bespoke exterior signs for special applications, such as large-scale, illuminated wall and roof signs, monoliths and landmark features.


Compass (Exterior)

Post and panel signs are the most traditional form of exterior signage. Together with Modulex ability to paint in your specific colour and handle a number of graphic methods it is still a very strong product family.

Compass is a flexible system for outdoor signage offering everything from direction signs to striking monoliths up to six metres high. If you need to update signs frequently, you can even choose Paperflex with an acrylic front. Compass gives you the freedom to design individual solutions in styles ranging from challengingly innovative to elegantly understated.

Macer Exterior

The design of the holder with the very characteristic use of curves and flat surfaces with roots in car design creates the unique identity of the product range. Macer is also a lean product with very few elements. 

Macer is the Latin word for lean. Macer is an exterior single post sign system which is suitable for directory and directional signs and in larger sizes for ID signs and landmarks. Wall signs are also available in the assortment. Internal illumination is possible even at low panel thickness. The internal illumination is based on LED technology with long lifetime and low power consumption.

Messenger Exterior

Using the unique construction with a bended aluminum plate on a plastic frame to create a flat sign is a good example where design, aesthetic and economy are balanced to create a good product.

With its streamlined design and quality finish, Messenger is ideal if you want to communicate strength and self-awareness. Choose from a broad range of monoliths, wall-mounted signs and parking signs. The modular system makes it easy to put together individual solutions and make changes. The rugged aluminium and galvanised steel design makes Messenger the perfect choice for outdoor areas that are accessible to the public.

Pacific Exterior


In the early nineties Modulex launched a brand new dimension to traditional signs by forming flat aluminum plates to curved surfaces in the same way as aircraft wings and traditional boats are built.

Pacific Exterior was created for companies and other organisations looking for a modern, streamlined style. The curved panels, made from surface-treated aluminium and galvanised steel, withstand harsh weather and physical loads. The system is modular, so you can create and build on a complete solution at your own pace. Pacific Exterior supplements Pacific Interior to create an aesthetically cohesive look both indoors and out.

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