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Binder File III

Key Features

Approved for two hours’ fire protection of documents in fire class 120 Paper in accordance with NT Fire 017. Maximised capacity – extra-wide cabinet for the storage of ring binders (22 per drawer based on a 60mm-wide binder). The 31" cabinet is available with 3 or 4 drawers. Low-weight cabinets for reduced transportation and installation costs, and lighter floor loads. Insulation between drawers means each drawer’s contents are protected in a fire even if one drawer is left open. All models fitted with day-catch locking for extra protection.



For easier access, high-strength slides allow drawers to be pulled out 110%. Interlocking system prevents more than one drawer being open at once and eliminates risk of tipping. Entire inner body lined with steel for protection from insulation dust. All cabinets fitted with high-quality key lock as central lock. Light grey, powder-coated finish and smooth-edge design. Binder File III is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 for quality management systems and  ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

Considering its low weight and relatively small footprint, Binder File III offers considerable storage capacity for ring binders.
 Fire Testing
Binder File III has been approved in accordance with the Scandinavian standard, NT Fire 017, in fire class 120 Paper1. This means the filing cabinet will protect paper documents for two hours.
Test Procedure
Stage 1 The cabinet is placed in a furnace and heated  to a temperature of over 1 000 °C for 120 minutes to simulate the effects of a severe fire.
Stage 2 The cabinet is removed from the furnace and cooled. When opened, the inner temperature  of the cabinet must not exceed 150 °C.
Locking Options
Binder File III filing cabinets are fitted with a central, high-quality key lock which locks all drawers simultaneously. Every model also has day-catch locking so that even when unlocked centrally, a drawer need only be pushed shut to guarantee the full protection of its contents.

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