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UL Listed Vault Doors

Standard Features of UL 608 Class 1, 2 &3

Door - Inner and Outer door plates filled with Chubbsafes patented Torch and Drill Resistant(TDR) or Anti-Arc(AA) barrier material which provides excellent protection against attacks as listed in the UL 608 Standards.

BoltWork - Each Nickel plated bolt fits smoothly into individual boltholes when extended. The boltwork system is manufactured using heavy duty steel and is coated with high grade corrosion resistant protection offering maximum wear resistance against corrosion and prolong depreciation of working and moving parts. Extensions to the boltwork system like the wheel handle have also been designed to deliberately diengage should excessive force be applied while turning the wheel handle. Disconnecting the wheel handle from the boltwork system isolates the handle from the boltwork, making the prospect of securing an entry more time consuming and difficult.

Locking - Secured by two 4-wheel Keyless Combination Locks listed under UL group 2M c/w Blinder Shield and Dial Check Lock Capable of 100,000,000 change codes and one 2-movement Time Lock.

Automatic Relockers - Locks are protected by a tempered glass relocker system, which activates a total of 7 Independent relockers upon attack.

Frame - The unique Chubbsafes "wrapped around the wall" frame is used on these Doors. This design increase the holding strength of the Door upon its installation onto the vault room wall. This wrap around frame design also provides for a uniform wall strength where the wall meets the door frame.

Emergency Ventilator - An emergency ventilator is integrated into the door frame to provide fresh air, allowing two way conversations and to supply food and water to anyone trapped in the vault room.

Lighting Control - A micro switch is fitted to control electric light in the vault room. It also serves a fire precaution to ensure that all wiring within the vault is disconnected when the door is close.

Alarm Micro Switch - A relay micro switch is fitted to the door for possible connection to the main intruder alarm system as an additional protection.

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