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Gunnebo Cameras

Gunnebo offers various types of analog and IP cameras and selects the top-of-the-range products, from simple to complex issues, depending on the level of risk and environment:

  • Black and white cameras,
  • Colour cameras,
  • Day/night cameras,
  • Fixed dome cameras,
  • Discreet and miniature cameras

Video Applications
Through very close partnerships with leading market players, Gunnebo is able to offer IP CCTV solutions to manage digital video, audio and data across IP network.

A recorder server and video multiplexing matrix available in hybrid and full IP, the VisioCast system comes with a complete set of remote management and monitoring software.

VisioCast is “open system” and upgradable and integrates advanced modules such as applications for monitoring point-of-sales terminals, “counting” or detecting abandoned and unexpected objects.

VisioCast includes a web server, so that many users can manage it via Internet Explorer.


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