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Cassida C 200

Model Cassida C 200
Currency Range AED
Counting Speed 300 coins per minute
Hopper Capacity 2000 coins
Coin Bin Capacity Up to 900
Coin Bin, Pcs 4
Counting Modes Mix count, Sort (Denomination), Count, Add, Batch
Batch, Coins 1-500
Reports on the Display Counting mode, Total number of coins, Total value of all counted coins, Total number and value for each denomination, Error code
Display Type/Digits LED / 7
Printer Option
Coin Tubes Option
Power Supply 110-220 V
Power Consumption < 45 W
Dimensions 285*260*175 mm
Weight (kg) 3.9

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4 operation modes : COUNT, SORT, ADD, BATCH
Separates and counts mixed denominations in one easy step no adjustment needed
Sorts each denomination into separate bins
Individual batch setting for each denomination
Reports AED value for each denomination and grand total
Easy, intuitive operation for cash handlers, regardless of experience level
Coin bins fit securely for continuous counting
Option to adjust to different currencies (optional)
Connection to a printer (optional)
Coin wrapping (optional)

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