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Legamaster Glassboards

Glassboard PURE ‘optical white’ Legamaster introduces glassboard PURE “optical white” as an ode to glass. The new board range is a practical, dazzling jewel mounted on the wall of your professionally equipped offi ces. A pleasure to write on, magnetic and mounted to give a “fl oating” effect. And in a design that, right down to fi nest detail, does justice to its source of inspiration: glass.

Special accessories:

Glassboard magnets The optical white safety glass has been set onto an integrated magnetic sheet. Measuring 30 mm in diameter, the specially developed glassboard magnets offer you the ease-of-use you have come to expect from Legamaster.
Plexiglass marker tray Writing on the glassboard:
Using the trusted Legamaster whiteboard markers – is a whole new experience in itself. The new transparent marker tray blends in seamlessly with the glassboard.

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